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There are many accounting workflow products just hitting the market. The Tax Dashboard has been in use since 2005. Four reasons it is better than the competition...

1 Built for complex clients

Most workflow products let you create a client, add a recurring project and mark it finished. Big deal. The Tax Dashboard effortlessly creates recurring due dates for all filing types (1040, 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120S, 990, SMLLC) and scenarios (FBARs with extensions, gift tax returns, quarterly ES payments, annual reports, final short years, stub periods, 1099s, book close deliverables, separate state tax returns and more).

2 Can't fake it, proof required

How many scheduling tools have you seen that are filled with incomplete and inaccurate information? Anybody can just mark something finished and call it a day. After filings are marked finished in the Tax Dashboard employees are required to provide proof. E-Filing authorizations and acceptances, FedEx tracking numbers and certified mail slips are all one click away giving you busy season peace of mind.

3 On site installs & private clouds

Other workflow products expect you to hand over your full client list or migrate it a public cloud environment. The Tax Dashboard is designed to be installed on your servers or in a private cloud environment. You import your client data, initial filing year configurations and fee information from Excel. You keep control of your data and don't have to worry about down-time going into a deadline.

4 It's fun, employees enjoy it

When a tax return is finished it shows up in blue on your Tax Dashboard. Due dates that are not started show up in red. Hot to cold. As you approach the end of the busy season your dashboard starts to look nice, all blue. Employees have actually started competing over who had the bluest dashboard. Competing to finish tax returns, nice! It is easy to use and low maintenance so employees see it is a resource, not extra work.

Pricing Info

A typical Tax Dashboard Windows server installation with 5 user licenses is $2,500 per year. You can add additional users for $400 a year per user (~$33 per month). DMS integration and dashboard customization is quoted separately.

Get Started

To get started please email and we will get you set up. We also recommend watching our YouTube instructional videos. Start with the Installation Instructions and then check out the other videos on the Itfoots YouTube Channel

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You can reach support via email at or phone/gvoice (617) 982-3768. Itfoots Software is based out of Boston, MA. You can also contact Jason Berry directly at, cell (913) 200-7534, LinkedIn

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